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Melbourne Cat Photography – Foster Care

In our day-to-day work as Family and Pet Photographers here in Melbourne, we meet a lot of wonderful foster carers and rescue centres.  These carers take in unwanted cats under their wing – often saving them from local animal pounds, or from households that cannot, or don’t want to look after them anymore.

As a nation we often recognise the heroes who help their fellow human beings, find their feet in challenging circumstances. What we don’t so often publicise is the very dedicated circle of unsung ‘foster heroes’.  These people put in so much time and effort to feeding, night training, and looking after all the animals’ needs, not all of which are physical. Usually, the greatest gift that foster carers provide is love and attention in huge doses.

Although in some ways easier to foster than Kittens, healthy Adult Cats will often take longer to rehome.  These require longer term care. Feline Mums with young Kittens are often in need of more specialised fostering.  They inevitably put their physical welfare second to their young litter.

Even the healthiest Kittens require much more attention than Adults, as they are still very much babies.  Feeding, playing and napping is always more regular with these little fellows. Sometimes, a Kitten will come into foster care that is not in the best health, or who is orphaned (so-called Neonates).  Some of the most experienced carers add regular nursing 24 x 7 into that long list of responsibilities,  that is common to this loving community of unsung heroes

Duet Images helps in its own little way by taking profile picture of these lovely creatures.  These images are featured on rescue websites, to help them find their so-called ‘forever homes’.  After all, everyone deserves their own chance of happiness :o)

These images feature on re-homing web-sites and here are a few examples of some of our most recent furry subjects …

These photographs are a sample of recent cats at Second Chance Cat Rescue

Cat PhotographyCat Photographer Cat Photography Cat Photography

These cats are at Forever Friends Animal rescue

Cat PhotographyCat Photography Cat PhotographerCats from both these groups are listed on Australian Pet Rescue

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Melbourne Cat Photography – Foster Care

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